• May 20, 2024

Life now, unlike those of our grandparents, is in for a fast ride. No room nor time for dilly-dallying. Delays do not have space in the agenda. Nowadays, unlike those they reminiscently call “the good ol’ days,” people make it a point to savor every passing minute as if that would be their last. Advances science and technology, quite curiously, have not seemed to make life any easier. Time, so it seems, has even become a more precious and rare commodity.

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Another interesting outcome of 21st-century life is the sheer abundance of food of all shapes, sizes, tastes, and packages. Gone are the days of manual labor to till, plant, water, and harvest food straight from the field. For most urban dwellers, farming for food is as outmoded as the rotary dial on a 50s production model telephone. Add to this the proliferation of a thousand and one fast-food joints that churn out quick, fried food. Time pressure and deadlines have become the most reliable business allies of fast food companies. Indeed, the current work and personal lifestyles are so fast-paced that even our eating habits need to be adjusted.

But against a backdrop of economic and corporate success…in the middle of so-called material prosperity…many things have been lost. The demands of 21st-century life has left not a few thinking that they are truly in a “rat race.”

Aside from having lesser time for family and friends, most people have also forgotten to take care of what is called man’s real treasure — his health. The obesity rates in America are simply outstanding. Statistics indicate that there are now 58 million overweight people in America with 40 million considered to be obese. Another 3 million Americans are now classified as morbidly obese.

Trends the world dictates, which is fast-paced, many people rely on the instant answers to their weight dilemma – rapid weight loss pills. These fat-reducing agents suppress appetite, increase energy levels, reduce calories, and burn body fats. Instead of giving time to go to the gym and do fat burning, practical workouts, which everybody doesn’t have that luxury of time, people, with no alternative at hand, give in to the promises of these rapid weight loss pills.

However, according to nutrition experts, there are numerous factors that can affect one’s body mass and no rapid weight loss pills can guarantee 100% efficiency. Heredity and family history play a pivotal role in this never-ending crusade against obesity. Your metabolic rate, or how quickly you burn calories, can also have a major effect on your diet regimen.

In this light, and other pressing concerns, a question resurfaces. What is the best weight loss pill, with all its limitations, in the market that would best suit my diet regimen? Accordingly, as similar to popular claims, proper exercise and observing proper diet are still the best way, or should we say the best weight loss pills. Nature has its way of taking those bulk and bulges out of our system. In accordance to a recent study, our health will face greater risk if we dramatically loss weight. It is also stated in that study that the appearance of gall stones were associated with rapid weight loss. Other complications which are associated with fast weight loss are very much fatal to one’s health – like anorexia and bulimia, after a series of “self-starvation” episodes just for the sake of shedding another pound.

Though dieting and diet pills are great deals to shed away pounds, medical experts still say that an individual, to achieve a healthy lifestyle, mustn’t expect more than one to two pounds shed a week.

As ever, there is no substitute for discipline. This is not the kind of pill that you administer orally then, like magic, the most coveted body figure will be ours. This “drug” needs to be consistently administered through one’s system, slowly but surely, your system will eventually take in the “best weight loss pill.”

In losing weight, there is the natural but safe way, and, also, the inorganic and“prone-to-risk” way. You may choose to take it easy or have the “free fall” of your life that may endanger your health. So what will it be?

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