• May 20, 2024

1. Start Eating a Lot More!
That’s right, you read it correctly…YOU MUST EAT MORE—A whole lot more than you’re eating right now. You have to eat 5-7 meals a day to fire up your metabolism to lose weight.
Your body needs a constant supply of energy to burn fat, and if you don’t eat a meal every two or three hours…Your metabolism will become so slow that you’ll gain weight just by looking at food.
The sooner you start eating more…the sooner you’ll be able to eat the foods you like without worrying about gaining weight.
Now I don’t mean for you to eat 5 large dinner-sized meals every day. You should try to eat 5-7 smaller 250 – 400 calorie meals every 2-3 hours.
2. Start Playing Golf.
Before you say “what the heck does golf have to do with me losing weight”…Let me explain.
People always tell me that they don’t have time to exercise, they’re too tired to exercise, or they don’t feel like exercising.
But they always find time to have fun. Look, you don’t have to get on a treadmill every day, take aerobics, or swim laps to lose weight….
…you can lose weight playing golf, playing with your kids, and you can even go to the mall shopping.
What do all those things have in common? They’re all things that involve you moving around just enough to burn fat. Notice that TV, reading, and sleeping weren’t one of the things I mentioned.
Think about it…If you went shopping at your local mall every day you could easily lose 1-2 lbs. a week just by walking around the mall a couple of times (That’s of course if you don’t make too many trips to the food court).
What about playing golf (without the cart), racquetball, or going out dancing every day? That’s an easy (fun) weight loss of about 2 lbs a week right there.
Try to find something that you like to do that gets you up off you’re butt and do it every day for at least 30 minutes (The longer the more fat you’ll burn).
3. Stop Losing Weight and Start Burning Fat.
If you want to lose weight… just go on a diet, sit in a steam room for a couple of hours, or take some side-effect infested weight loss pill.
If you want to look better as you lose weight…then you need to focus on burning fat.
Diets, steam rooms, and pills cause you to lose muscle and water weight. Losing muscle not only makes you look worse but it also lowers your metabolism making it easier for you to gain weight.
Have you ever noticed the people who lose weight on these “lose 30lbs in 8 days” programs still have flabby arms, a saggy butt, and a pot belly? The reason why is that these programs tend to help people lose more good-looking muscle than ugly body fat.
Steam rooms cause you to lose water weight which you’ll gain back after you drink a couple of glasses of water.
The best way to focus on burning fat is to lose no more than 2lbs a week. If you lose more than 2lbs a week you will only start to lose muscle and water.
A basic beginner’s fat loss plan would be to eat more and play golf every day (please see the first two things you must do to lose weight).
4. Just Keep on Saying SO THAT
First, ask yourself Why you want to lose weight and after you come up with a reason why just keep on saying SO THAT.
For example—Why Do you want to lose weight
* I want to lose weight to look better SO THAT…
* I can feel more confident about myself SO THAT…
* I can be the best-looking person at my high school reunion SO THAT…
* I can see the surprised looks on the faces of my classmates SO THAT …
* I may be able to go on a date with the person I had a crush on in high school
Can you see what’s happening here? The more times you say SO THAT the more and more motivated you’ll become to lose weight. I don’t know about you but if you can come up with at least three SO THATS nothing will stop you from losing weight.

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